Savousépate, an eco-friendly brand

What is eco-responsibility?

Being eco-responsible means making sure to limit its ecological impact in order to preserve nature as much as possible.
This involves material and behavioral means aimed at achieving a goal of zero waste. For exemple : Use recycled/recyclable supplies and non-toxic products, limit energy and water consumption, reduce and sort waste, etc.


My commitments within the company

Since the creation of my company, I have established several eco-gestures in the different sectors of my work :


  • Recycled CD and DVD : I make my creations from beads made with cutted and hand painted CD or DVD.
  • Metal guaranteed nickel free and lead free : For jewelry, I use only guaranteed metal without nickel and without lead. In the future, I would like to use only stainless steel.


  • Recovery of packaging : As much as possible, I reuse old packaging to send my creations : cartons, bubble envelopes, bubble wrap or loose fill.
  • Recyclable bubble envelopes : For my small shipments,I use recyclable bubble envelopes.
  • Biodegradable loose fill : To protect my creations in packages, I use primarily recovered polystyrene loose fill. Otherwise, I buy ecological that break down in contact with water and air on Raja.


  • Recycled cotton business cards : I order my business cards on Moo. They are made with paper made from reclaimed cotton t-shirts.
  • Recycled paper flyers : I also order my flyers on Moo. They are 100% recycled paper and do not contain chlorine.


  • Little stock : I have very few creations in stock and I work mainly on command. Why? For a gain of space obviously, but especially because I want to avoid having too much waste if a creation does not please and does not sell. What would be the use of so much effort if my creations end up in the trash? Mass production generates a lot of unsold goods that end up all too often in the oceans...
    In this same state of mind, I avoid buying too much raw material.
  • Save paper : I only print the bare necessities and double-sided. I reuse old documents as draft or notebook too. Since July 2022, invoices are not printed but generated in pdf and available in your account.
  • Limit emails : Sending e-mails is much more ecological than paper mail, but it is an energy expenditure that has an increasingly important impact on the environment. So if possible, I favor instant messaging if I need to communicate with my customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Clean my email box : Do you know that emails stored in the trash and unwanted messaging consumes a lot of energy? That's why I clean all my mail box regularly with Cleanfox which allows you to sort and delete your old emails and manage your subscriptions to newsletters... while planting trees!
  • Sort and recycle waste : Needless to say, but it's still important to specify it :)

I am constantly trying to develop my eco-attitude as much as I can. I am often financially limited because eco-friendly supplies are often more expensive, but I make a point of honor to improve the eco-gestures already in place and to introduce new ones as my business grows!

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